LCG Compatible Upright Card Minder

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This epic Card Minder will keep your cards protected and well-organised. Its 94.85mm slots will accommodate sleeved cards. Specify your custom lid engraving. 

Dimensions are 530 x 390 mm. Comes with 14 dividers that can be slotted into any of 22 positions. Paper dividers or cards not included. Extra dividers sold separately (custom text welcome!) 

There are 7 slots each 70mm wide by 374mm long. The box holds 13000 unsleeved cards (subtract 17 cards for every divider). For premium sleeves this means the box holds 5200 cards (subtract 7 cards for every divider). For comparison, Legendary to date consists of 1800 cards. Can hold every Dominion expansion unsleeved. 

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