King of Tokyo Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate all of King of Tokyo's many chits, cards,
dice and monsters from the base game and both expansions. Comes with two Card Minders, a dice Minder, a chit Minder and a monster dial & standee Minder.

The card boxes are large enough to allow sleeved or unsleeved cards ample room. There is one box
for cards and one for evolution cards. The dice Minder and chit Minder both have sliding
acrylic lids. The dice Minder has room for 16 of the large 20mm dice. The chit Minder can sit on the table for easy access to energy cubes and special tokens during game play. 

The monster dial & standee Minder has space enough for 12 dials & monster silhouettes with plenty of room for the expansions and promos. The King of Tokyo compatible Bit Minder is the monster that subdues all of the game's bits and cards into submission!

Dimensions are 245 x 245 mm (please confirm this will fit into your box before ordering or contact us if you need a different size)

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