Firefly Compatible Bit Minder

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Organize all of your Firefly bits and cards with this handy insert! Comes with 15 large and 4 small dividers.

This card Minder will fit snugly into your Firefly box (258x258mm) and keep all your cards protected and organised. Its two main rows have 95 mm slots will accommodate sleeved cards. Comes with 15 large dividers that can be slotted into any of 17 positions for cards. And it has 4 dividers for  a smaller central row to contain all your chits, tokens and markers. It is recommended, if you have every firefly expansion, to use one game box for all rules and boards and one other game box for this insert for all your cards and other components. Comes fully-assembled like all other CGB products.

This can accommodate 1267 cards unlsleeved, or 837 premium (90 micron).