Fallout Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate  this popular game, including its "New California", and "Atomic Bonds" expansions. Game and expansion bits are not included.

Includes six types of minders (10 minders in all): A large card minder (LCM) for large cards; a small card minder (SCM) small cards; two enemy token minders (ETM); two map tile caddies (MTC); two tokens minders for cap, quest, faction and power tokens (CQFPTM); and two  for the special, trait, pegs and camp tokens (STPCM),

The LCM and SCM each come with 10 dividers and can accommodate 240 and 300  sleeved cards respectively (90 micron sleeves). Each ETM has 3 compartments for enemy tokens and each stack can have up to 10 enemies. There is also space in the ETM for dice. The two MTMs each accommodate 20 map tiles. The CQFPTM and STPCM each contain half of the appropriate tokens (or pegs) each has an engraved lid and base to show what goes where and a drop door for easier access to bits.

Once the components of the insert are placed in the game box together with the games rules, player boards and scenario sheets there is space  for the 10 minis.

You can augment this insert with our Fallout Compatible Cube Minders.

This insert will definitely make your next Fallout experience survivable.

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