Small World Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate Small World and its many expansions
(Expansions supported: Be Not Afraid, Leaders, Grand Dames, Tales & Legends, Cursed!, Necromancer Island, Royal Bonus and Spider's Web).
Comes with 2 bank Minders, 2 race chit Minders, special power chit Minder, Spider's Web Chit Minder and banner Minder.

Two bank Minders with sliding acrylic lids can be placed around the table so players don’t have to reach far. Race Minders keep all chits visible and are individually labelled. Special power chit Minder holds mountains and the other chits associated with special powers. The Spider's Web Chit Minder holds copycat, lava, loot and winter markers.

The banner Minder can easily hold all 30 races plus the special powers from the base and expansions. The card Minder can be placed on the  play area for easy use and is large enough to store the large chits from Necromancer Island.

Dimensions are 286 x 289 mm (please confirm this will fit into your box before ordering
or contact us if you need a different size)