Nations Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate all Nation's various bits and pieces. The insert consists of a Card Minder, 6 Player Bit Minders, 2 Resource Bit Minders and 2 supplementary Minders for additional bits and solo tiles. 

The  Card Minder comes with 8 larger dividers to separate cards into four ages and each age divider has 2 acrylic separators to separate events from progress, and for advanced/expert cards. There is room for over 900 sleeved cards. Slots are 80 mm which should let you sleeve with any quality mini sleeve.

Players have individual Bit Minders with clear acrylic sliding lids which means your game stays organised regardless of how it is stored or moved or flipped. A sixth Bit Minder handily contains the player references. Two resource Bit Minders with sliding acrylic lids are also included to allow comfortable access to resources even in larger four or five player games. The Nations compatible Game Bit Minder is a must have for any serious civilization-building fan! 

Dimensions are 399 x 274 mm (please confirm this will fit into your box before ordering or contact us if you need us to make you a different size).