Eclipse Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate all Eclipse's many chits and tiles including both expansions. Comes with nine player Bit Minders, a hex tile box and a ship part Minder. All Minders have clear acrylic sliding lids which means your game stays organised regardless of how it is stored or moved or flipped.

Each of the nine player Bit Minders are large enough to contain a player reference card, a Custom Game Bits Eclipse compatible Cube Minder and up to two complete sets of ships. The ship part Minder is labeled for easy use. The Hex tile box has 3 bays for tiles and can accommodate all known Eclipse expansions and promos. Eclipse is a 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) and the Eclipse compatible Game Bit Minder is just the thing to help with the 5th "X" - eXtrication when the game is done!

Dimensions are 390 x 266 mm (please confirm this will fit into your box before ordering or contact us if you need a different size). Order the Eclipse Compatible Bit Minder (complete) if you want the full insert with 9 player Bit Minders, 1 Ship Part Minder, and 1 Hex Tile Minder. Or you can order each part of the insert separately.