Double Row Card Minder

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  • $30 CAD

Store, organize and show off your cards with this solid wooden box inlaid and reinforced with masonite. The width accommodates sleeved cards as well as tuckboxes (Maximum card size is 68.67x93.65 mm).

Dimensions are 284 x 209 mm. Comes with 5 dividers that can be slotted into any of 17 positions. Paper dividers or cards not included. Extra dividers sold separately (custom text welcome!)

Slots are 98mm wide by 268mm long. This means the box holds 2825 unsleeved cards (subtract 17 cards for every divider). For premium sleeves this means the box holds 1162 cards (subtract 7 cards for every divider). For comparison, Legendary to date consists of 1800 cards.