Dixit Compatible Card Minder

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Store, organize and show off your cards with this solid wooden box inlaid and reinforced with masonite. The width accommodates sleeved Dixit cards.

Dimensions are 27.5 x 27.5 x 12.3 cm. Comes with 4 dividers that can be slotted into any of 16 positions. Like all Custom Game Bits products, the Dixit Compatible Card Minder comes fully assembled.

This storage solution can put every known Dixit card in on place! The box holds 1326 unsleeved cards (subtract 9 cards for every divider). For premium sleeves this means the box holds 875 cards (subtract 6 cards for every divider).

The lid is engraved with a score track to save you even more space!

The Card Minder also comes with a bit box. The bit box has two chambers, one for voting tokens, the other for player markers. The bit box can be removed if desired.

The Card Minder has enough space above the cards to store all score boards and rules.

Just picture what this means to your Dixit collection!

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