Dead of Winter Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate all of Dead of Winter's many chits, cards,
survivors and zombies. Comes with three Card Minders, a Bit Minder for dice and chits and a Bit Minder for zombies and survivors.

The card boxes come with a removable divider to allow ample room for sleeved or unsleeved cards. One box for crossroad cards, one for cards you put out at setup, and one for less frequently used cards. The dice and bit Minder has a sliding acrylic lid to keep everything together during transport. The Dead of Winter compatible Bit Minder is your only hope to survive the Zombie Apocalypse !

Dimensions are 284 x 285 mm (please confirm this will fit into your box before ordering or contact us if you need a different size)