Ark Nova Compatible Bit Minder

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate  this popular game.

Includes five types of minders: an Association bit Minder (abm);  Player bit minders (four of these); Money bit minders (two of these); standard tile minders (two of these); and a unique tile minder.

The abm has room for the bonus tiles, universities, partner zoos and venom & constriction tokens. Each pbm will hold the wood bits in a player's colour, the 25 starting money and the 5 action cards (even in sleeves). The mbm's also have the X tokens an multiplier tokens. Having two mbm's allows you to spread them around the big map to give everyone easy access. There is plenty of room in the mbm for the break token. The stm's each have half of the kiosk/pavilion tokens, the 1-5 hex standard enclosures plus the petting zoos, reptile houses, and large bird aviaries. The utm has plenty of room for the 15 unique buildings and lots of extra space for expansions (like Aquarius!). Each minder not only has a secure lid but has a drop door that allows easy access and each one is etched with handy language independent art to help you clean up. Even with all these mniders, there is plenty of room for all cards from the base and Aquarius expansion.

This insert will definitely put all your Ark Nova game bits in enclosures!

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