Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Compatible Bit Minder with support for Prophecy of Kings Expansion

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Sturdy hardboard organizer designed to accommodate Twilight Imperium 4th Edition including the Prophecy of Kings expansion.

Includes two System Tile caddies, Eight Player Bit Minders, two Common-token Banks and two Deep Common-token Banks, a Large-token Box and an extra Large-token Box, Twenty-four Faction Bit Minders, a Sleep, Frontier and Attachment token bank, and three Tilting Card Minders: for cards. The System Tile caddies have removable doors that keeps the tiles secure and each hex shaped box has room for 50 system tiles -- for the inevitable future expansion and promo tiles. Each Player Bit Minder has enough room for all ships and tech cards. There is room for a Faction Bit Minder to be plugged right into the Player Bit Minder so everything is at your fingertips. The Common and Deep Common-token Banks store the trade goods, infantry, and fighter tokens. Two of each of these give everyone in a large game easy access. The Large-token Box is for the strategy cards, custodian token, speaker token, The extra Large-token Box is for the Nexus, Mirage Planet, Ion Storms, Dimensional Tears and any other larger bits. The Faction Bit Minders have 2 compartments; for command and control tokens, and enough room for faction specific tokens and cards. The Tilting Card Minder folds flat for storage and pops up for play. One Tilting Card Minder is for storage of planet and action cards and has a discard area for the later. The other card minder is for the agenda and secret objective cards with a discard space for the former. During storage, the discard card areas can be used for regular objective cards. The third Tilting Card Minder holds five decks of cards, one for each exploration type (Cultural, Hazardous, Industrial and Frontier) and Relic cards. All  card minders will accommodate sleeved cards. This product comes fully assembled. All pieces will fit into the base & expansion boxes, fully closed, or into just the base with the lid about half closed.

 Many thanks to Kelsam Tabletop who where so quickly and graciously granted permission to base this design on theirs. Check out

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